Master Key Experience: Week 15

Building the Castle

Choosing what to write about each week is challenging for me because there are so many good parts of MKE that can be talked about. Each piece becomes another brick in the foundation of my future self. As of now we have laid the foundation and it is exciting that Mark and the team are giving us more complex progressions to use the parts together as a powerful tools to create the future of our own choosing. In this weeks MKE lesson I am enjoying the practice of insight, another brick in the castle of my becoming a self directed thinker.

MKE Lesson 15
33. Insight enable us to plan to advantage and turn our thought and attention in the right direction, instead of into channels which can yield no possible return.
34. Insight is therefore absolutely essential for the development of any great achievement, but with it we may enter, explore and possess any mental field.

Master Key Experience: Week 14

Persistence Movie Observation

This week I enjoyed watching the movie October Sky. The task this week is to observe persistence in the movie and reflect on the parts of persistence. I have seen the movie before but now I was able to enjoy it on a whole new level. In the movie Homer the main character used the 4 habits to achieve his purpose. His purpose was to become part of the space program and follow his own path. He created a plan of action to build hobby rockets to compete in a science competition. Along the way he encountered regular negative attitudes from those around him but he kept a positive mental attitude. I could see his positive mental attitude expressed in the letters he wrote to NASA. To round off his persistence he teamed up with his master mind alliance of his friends that worked along side him to achieve his desire. The movie is encouraging for me since it is a true life story of a man who used the habits of persistence that I have learned in MKE.

Master Key Experience: Week 13

Default Setting

As the Master Key Experience continues the benefit increases. Positive mental attitude and gratitude are becoming the default setting for my life. Both of these new defaults are being linked into my thoughts with the additions of the daily reminders we created last week and this week. I am enjoying the fact that I remind my self several times daily that I have accomplished many things in my life. I also love spending time each day recording 3 new things a day I have gratitude for. Simple steps that are making a huge difference in my life. As those that have come before me have stated and I agree the Master Key Experience is life changing.

“I will forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that this day will be the best day of my life. “ Og Mandino

Master Key Experience: Week 12

Measurable Progress

As I reflect back to the beginning of the Master Key Experience I do so with great peace and gratitude. The program works just as promised and I am thrilled that I can measure my progress. The cement has been breaking off. I am gaining control of my mind and my future as I do so. I successfully meet each days challenges head on with calm and clarity. I am able to redirect negative to positive. I am more confident and more joyful.
Today my family was awakened to the smell of something burning. We jumped up and checked the house and to our relief we did not find any fire. The smell was coming from the heater. I was able to handle the problem with calm and no stress. The heater problem was resolved with out expense. Some dust had found its way onto the heating element. A smelly problem with no damage.
What does a heater problem have to do with MKE? My interpretation and reaction to the problem would have been negative if I was still my former self. I am a new man now, I am not the same as I was yesterday. I handled the challenge of the day with confidence and peace. Each day I continue with MKE I am building my future self one brick at a time. For me that is fantastic measurable progress.

Master Key Experience: Week 11

One step at a time

I have found comfort this week in reading other MKE members blogs. More than ever,I found that we are all on this journey together. I am not the only one who has struggles recently with life’s challenges. I am thankful I am traveling with an incredible group of people.
I reflect on OG’s writing in scroll marked 3.
“ Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult. I will persist until I succeed.”
There is my key for the day ahead, one step at a time, developing persistence for success.

Master Key Experience: Week 10


Words struggle to form in my mind for this weeks blog. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life as I go through the challenge of my parents failing health and very difficult decisions. I have heard the saying “ the only way through is through” . I applied that many times this week. So where am I going with this line of thought, I have to ask myself? I am grateful. I am grateful for the habit MKE has taught me. I am grateful for the second scroll teaching me how to greet each day with love. I am grateful to be able to assign my chosen meaning to any event that comes my way. I am grateful I can change my negative thoughts to positive ones at will.
The foundations and practice that I have done with MKE has been my calming element for my thoughts all week long. I am most grateful for the doors that God has opened this week for my parents and the people that where in place to see things through. Thank you to all and to MKE.
I great this day with love in my heart.

Master Key Experience: Week 9

Reset Button

Would it be nice to have a reset button for your thoughts?

The Master Key Experience has provided just that. I have been gifted the owners manual to my brain. One of the many pieces of the Master Keys is the Seven Laws of the Mind. I would like to touch on one of those laws. The Law of Substitution which is:
“We cannot think about 2 things at the same time.“
Whenever a negative thought comes to mind during my day I just tell my self “hit the reset button” . I then replace that thought with a positive one. I am so grateful for this new skill. My days go smoother and I am more at peace than I have ever been.

Master Key Experience: Week 8

Reality Shift

Week eight of this journey is continuing to shift my realities. I learn something new every week while I am on this new path. The universe is moving around me. I am paying attention. I am grateful for the growth and the new challenges I have had a chance to respond to lately. I am not the same person I was when started eight weeks ago and I am thrilled at the person I am becoming. There is no turning back now. I continue on this journey enthusiastically.

Master Key Experience: Week 7

Mental Diet

This week has been another adventure filled week with advancing my new blueprint. All of the pieces are drilling in my new blueprint. The current challenge of the week with the Mental diet has been prepared for and linked previously with no objections, the law of giving, the law of forgiveness, and scroll 2. While trying to keep negative thoughts out I have found triggers that push the negative thoughts to the surface. Now that I am aware of those triggers I can prepare myself even more to reroute my thinking in those moments. For example, driving is a trigger for my negative thoughts. So to prepare myself, before I get in the car I raise my awareness up an extra notch to shift those negative thoughts away. I also apply the heightened awareness to other triggers. Discovering the negative bias is eye opening over the past few weeks. I am happy for this new awareness and am thrilled to become a more positive person who can redirect and control my thoughts. I have been more at peace than I could have imagined in my previous state of being.

Master Key Experience: Week 6


This week I had an interesting reveal. I found an additional key to unlocking feeling when I was envisioning my future. I keep my feelings in check and internal and have struggled to attach feeling to my future success. Well it happened for a brief instance. I felt the overwhelming joy of myself celebrating success. As I was returning home in my car I was thinking of my Press Release. Along with those thoughts I happened to be playing a song from Moana soundtrack. The song help transport me to Palauea Beach in Maui. A few short years from now as my wife and I celebrate our independence. The thrill I felt as she kicked her feet in the water was incredible. I had achieved my dream and we where celebrating. I was at peace and I had kept my promise. I want to bottle that feeling up to have every day. Then I returned to the present with a lump in my throat and a sense of awe. My belief in the possibility was more real than ever. The work that I have been putting into this journey is chipping away at the old blueprint. The old blueprint is weakening and the new blueprint is taking its place. I am so happy and grateful. I am excited for what’s to come in this process.