Master Key Experience: Week Three

The Observer

I have enjoyed my new role as the conscious observer. I have encountered old habits that I wish to change and have found other habits that where programmed into my subconscious without my choice. It has been a very interesting journey. One of my directions in life is better heath. Tuesday at 9:30 as I was driving and I was in automatic mode heading to pick up a burrito with a coke just like I had been doing previously. Yet since I was on alert it occurred to me this was not the habit I wanted to continue and I was able to turn away from my burrito run. That decision felt really good and proves I can remove old habits and replace them with good habits. That moment confirms for me that MKE is working and is the guide that I am so excited to be participating in.

Master Key Experience Week Two

How do I choose?

Master Keys continues in week two to deliver new incites, observations, reflections, and awakenings. How do I choose the topic for this week? My old blueprint is pushing back as I am building the new habits to create my new blueprint. As of this moment the Key that is on my mind and has put me on alert is that my conscious is the gatekeeper and guardian of my subconscious. I knew of this truth at some level, but I was not staying aware of the content that I allowed past the gate. I was on automatic. That is such a scary thought now that I am clear on how my blueprint was formed. Even more concerning is that others had input to my blueprint when I was a child. I now have the most important task of being on guard and keeping watch of my own thoughts as well as the content that I consume and allow into my subconscious. My future and my legacy depend on that vigilance. The method I will use to complete the task is intentional awareness and complete observation so that I make good conscious decisions on what I accept or reject.
Thank you again Master Key Experience for the directions and solid plan to create the life I have always dreamed of.

Master Key Experience Week One

Excited to get rolling

MKE is what I was looking for and what I needed. After over two years of searching and reading many self help books and buying many coaching programs I had such small gains in myself for the amount of time I had invested. Old blueprints and patterns still persisted. The MKE has already been a game changer on week one. The daily victories of doing the work and being guided by such amazing coaches have reignited my hope that I can succeed, and my future is what I choose it to be. I am so excited about the changes I will be able to make in myself. I wake up every day before the alarm without laying in bed dreading the day. I am full of gratitude that MKE is the focus and the guide that I have been searching for.