Master Key Experience: Week 14

Persistence Movie Observation

This week I enjoyed watching the movie October Sky. The task this week is to observe persistence in the movie and reflect on the parts of persistence. I have seen the movie before but now I was able to enjoy it on a whole new level. In the movie Homer the main character used the 4 habits to achieve his purpose. His purpose was to become part of the space program and follow his own path. He created a plan of action to build hobby rockets to compete in a science competition. Along the way he encountered regular negative attitudes from those around him but he kept a positive mental attitude. I could see his positive mental attitude expressed in the letters he wrote to NASA. To round off his persistence he teamed up with his master mind alliance of his friends that worked along side him to achieve his desire. The movie is encouraging for me since it is a true life story of a man who used the habits of persistence that I have learned in MKE.

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