Master Key Experience: Week 6


This week I had an interesting reveal. I found an additional key to unlocking feeling when I was envisioning my future. I keep my feelings in check and internal and have struggled to attach feeling to my future success. Well it happened for a brief instance. I felt the overwhelming joy of myself celebrating success. As I was returning home in my car I was thinking of my Press Release. Along with those thoughts I happened to be playing a song from Moana soundtrack. The song help transport me to Palauea Beach in Maui. A few short years from now as my wife and I celebrate our independence. The thrill I felt as she kicked her feet in the water was incredible. I had achieved my dream and we where celebrating. I was at peace and I had kept my promise. I want to bottle that feeling up to have every day. Then I returned to the present with a lump in my throat and a sense of awe. My belief in the possibility was more real than ever. The work that I have been putting into this journey is chipping away at the old blueprint. The old blueprint is weakening and the new blueprint is taking its place. I am so happy and grateful. I am excited for what’s to come in this process.

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 6”

  1. That’s awesome, Michael! You had a “sit” while driving home. That same thing happened to me a few years back – but I was in the kitchen doing dishes – a song came on, and subby took over, and by the time by “dish-washing sit” was over, I had tears streaming down my face.


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