Press Release

Computer Technician interviewed about success in Network Marketing.

How did you succeed in Network Marketing?

Success for me came by working with an incredible team of people. I collaborate with them on making their dreams come true which in turn has rewarded me. Together we have developed a terrific work life balance where we can enjoy family time, travel and hobbies. We work together 15 hours a week connecting with incredible people around the globe. The work brings me great joy and fulfillment. It does not even feel like work. I really love meeting new people.

How do you enjoy your free time?

At home I like to work on my 67 Chevy Impala. I keep it running smooth and enjoy adding upgrades to it. The car also happens to be one that my wife picked out which makes it that more enjoyable. I also like doing home improvement projects on my home. Those projects keep me active as well as my regular exercise plan.

Do you have places you like to travel to?

My wife and I like to spend two weeks in Maui every March and visit Palauea Beach where we where married. The island gives me much peace and we love Hawaii and the beauty there.  During Thanksgiving we like to take the kids to Florida for a Disney and beach vacation.