Master Key Experience: Week 23


It has been 23 weeks of the Master Key Experience and I am happy to have been a part of this course. Guided by a group of amazing people to become a self directed thinker has been a joy. This has absolutely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. All aspects of the course have been in alignment of my beliefs and the direction I want to be moving. I know the guided part of the course is coming to a close soon but it will be up to me to continue forward. One of the most important aspects of this course to me has been the teaching of service to others. Being is service also opens us up to live our best life. I am appreciative to this course and those who have developed and taught is and recommend it to anyone. Thank you MKE for your guidance.

Master Key Experience: Week 22A

 A new Life

My wife compared the amount of time I have spent on MKE to pregnancy and I thought what a great comparison she made. I am trying to grow a new life here from the lessons in the course. For me this will be a rebirth of the person I want to become. Growing into that person takes time and effort. I am getting there and I may take more time than others but the journey is worth it. MkE is life changing.

Master Key Experience: Week22

No Shortcuts

I like to reflect on events of daily life and see a lesson I can learn that applies to MKE. This week I had a sewer line back up problem. We have had this problem back in September so I thought I had a plan for this event. The last time I dug a ditch to locate and follow the line so I could install a clean out closer to the problem. Winter came along and I had to cover it back up and I marked the location with a flower pot. I also suspected the line would turn at some point.
This time I jumped ahead 6 feet and started digging down and back toward the flower pot. I did not find the line as easily as I hoped. I found the line turned right below the flower pot inches away from where I had stopped digging the last time. The lesson for me is to stay on the path that I know and is working and not to jump around looking for shortcuts. Not staying on the path uses up valuable energy and time that I should invest on the correct path.

Master Key Experience: Week 20


I have found it interesting how the universe presents what we pay attention to from several different directions. While currently reading OG’s message in scroll V I am focusing more on today letting go of the past and acting as my future self now. I am improving my skills of living my fullest life today and not waiting on tomorrow.
In this weeks webinar Mark talked about our life’s timeline. As I drew my line on that blank piece of paper and considered the speed at which I have traveled to this moment I had to deal with my truth. I need to let the past go there is nothing I can do about it now. I do not get an unlimited amount of seasons to live. I can estimate how many I have left but that is not promised either. I must live today as if it is my last. The Universal is speaking to me from multiple sources. I am paying attention. I am reading it from other sources and seeing it play out in daily life. The good news is I am aware of it, I can observe it and most of all I can direct my timeline.

Master Key Experience: Week 19

What it’s really about

At the start of this journey in MKE I wrongly labeled this experience as a personal development course. I have come to realize what it truly is. MKE is an incredible self discovery process. A bringing out of ones best self. The work has created within me the ability to redirect my path at will and in a way that my heart can agree with. As stated in the testimonial of those that have come before, MKE is life changing.

Master Key Experience: Week 18

Asking the right questions

How much would your life change if you knew the answers to the right questions? Over the course of the master MKE experience I have learned I already know the answers. The issue for me was that I did not know the questions to ask. It turns out, MKE experience provides the correct questions that I need to move myself into the reality that I want. I get to pick my outcome. Simple, powerful and effective questions. This week Mark knocked my socks off with an earth moving question that I ask my self constantly now. That question is: “ What would the person I intend to become do next? “ I love this question because I know the answer and it moves me forward.
Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog.

Master Key Experience: Week 17HJ

 The power of permission

Part of this weeks direction was to review previous lessons and reflect on how far I have come. I have made good progress and I know I will make much more progress. Growth is continuous not just once then done. Learning to direct my thoughts is bringing me a great sense of peace. More importantly I am becoming more in tune with the spiritual part of my being. On a recent webinar Mark guided us in a brief exercise that I would like to share. He had us give ourselves permission to access our power. Wow, I realized instantly that I had not done that very thing, I was holding myself back. I was resisting my future by allowing my old blue print to still anchor me to the past. Since that webinar and that simple exercise I have made much greater gains in growth than before. It so simple and just what I needed.

Master Key Experience: Week 17

Master Keys for me has been the instruction manual for my thoughts and beliefs. This new knowledge has been an incredible journey to learn how to direct the outcome of my life. I am able to use the tools and exercises from this program to live a happier and more fulfilling life. This has been a lot of work but giving up one week of my time is worth my future. I am grateful for this course and only wish everyone I know would choose to experience this.

Master Key Experience: Week 16

A better world

It has been an incredible week observing and practicing kindness. The group has witnessed and performed thousands of acts of kindness. My view of the world has greatly improved this week. I feel really good being a part of this weeks group effort and feel fantastic practicing kindness with intention. The kindness week has been very encouraging and uplifting for me personally and I plan to continue both being more kind and looking for kindness.