Master Key Experience: Week 23


It has been 23 weeks of the Master Key Experience and I am happy to have been a part of this course. Guided by a group of amazing people to become a self directed thinker has been a joy. This has absolutely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. All aspects of the course have been in alignment of my beliefs and the direction I want to be moving. I know the guided part of the course is coming to a close soon but it will be up to me to continue forward. One of the most important aspects of this course to me has been the teaching of service to others. Being is service also opens us up to live our best life. I am appreciative to this course and those who have developed and taught is and recommend it to anyone. Thank you MKE for your guidance.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 23”

  1. I’m also thankful for this wonderful learning experience that we’ve nearly completed. It’s bittersweet that it’s ending but it’s comforting to know we’ve been given the tools we need to continue this journey on our own! #NothingLikeIt! 🙂

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  2. I’m happy that you still consider this one of your best decisions, even as it all comes to a transition!


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