Master Key Experience: Week 17HJ

 The power of permission

Part of this weeks direction was to review previous lessons and reflect on how far I have come. I have made good progress and I know I will make much more progress. Growth is continuous not just once then done. Learning to direct my thoughts is bringing me a great sense of peace. More importantly I am becoming more in tune with the spiritual part of my being. On a recent webinar Mark guided us in a brief exercise that I would like to share. He had us give ourselves permission to access our power. Wow, I realized instantly that I had not done that very thing, I was holding myself back. I was resisting my future by allowing my old blue print to still anchor me to the past. Since that webinar and that simple exercise I have made much greater gains in growth than before. It so simple and just what I needed.

6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 17HJ”

  1. Hi Michael. Congratulations on persisting and doing the work. I read your Press Release too. It’s meant to be the place where you throw off the shackles of the 400 word DMP and detail your deepest desires from the perspective of looking back from a time in the future having achieved your dreams. I encourage you to continually flesh out that account. Keep on keeping on!

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  2. I found the review week really eye-opening too, it’s amazing how much we have learned and applied in such a short time! So happy to read that you granted yourself permission to access your power! Keep on growing! 🙂

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