Master Key Experience: Week22

No Shortcuts

I like to reflect on events of daily life and see a lesson I can learn that applies to MKE. This week I had a sewer line back up problem. We have had this problem back in September so I thought I had a plan for this event. The last time I dug a ditch to locate and follow the line so I could install a clean out closer to the problem. Winter came along and I had to cover it back up and I marked the location with a flower pot. I also suspected the line would turn at some point.
This time I jumped ahead 6 feet and started digging down and back toward the flower pot. I did not find the line as easily as I hoped. I found the line turned right below the flower pot inches away from where I had stopped digging the last time. The lesson for me is to stay on the path that I know and is working and not to jump around looking for shortcuts. Not staying on the path uses up valuable energy and time that I should invest on the correct path.

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