Master Key Experience: Week 4

Feeling the Changes

The discoveries on this journey feel good and are rewarding. As I am working through week 4 of MKE I am seeing definite changes that I know will be lasting. There are a couple of those changes that I would like to address. The chores that I had performed the previous weeks needed my thought and prompting. This weeks chore or now renamed a service, became automatic without mental effort to make it happen. That service just became part of the flow of a normal day and was completed earlier in the week as opposed to the end of the week as the previous weeks choirs. I just paused after it had been done with pride and joy. That felt really good and promising. The good habits are becoming established.
The next good habit that is becoming a part of my day was the regular reading. Today as I was not on my normal lunch schedule and as lunch “time” passed I felt the prompting to read. My subconscious was speaking to me saying ”hey its time to read.” I was not even paying attention to the clock. I am really loving how this journey is taking hold.

“Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform……” Og Mandino

Another huge change that I am excited about is the completion of daily work and thought for almost 4 weeks now and it is becoming habit. That is a huge thing for me to have stuck with this process. I was a great starter of things but lacked completion. I have consumed many books on self improvement in trying to find my answer yet they did not seem to stick. I have watched countless coaching videos, but something was missing. The thing for me they missed was the process and guidance that MKE has given me. I know with full faith that I am in the right place and on the correct journey. I am in a harmonious place walking the path that I want to be on. Again that is life changing and exciting. I will complete todays thoughts with one of my favorite statements in the Blue Print Builder “ I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects”

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