Master Key Experience: Week 10


Words struggle to form in my mind for this weeks blog. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life as I go through the challenge of my parents failing health and very difficult decisions. I have heard the saying “ the only way through is through” . I applied that many times this week. So where am I going with this line of thought, I have to ask myself? I am grateful. I am grateful for the habit MKE has taught me. I am grateful for the second scroll teaching me how to greet each day with love. I am grateful to be able to assign my chosen meaning to any event that comes my way. I am grateful I can change my negative thoughts to positive ones at will.
The foundations and practice that I have done with MKE has been my calming element for my thoughts all week long. I am most grateful for the doors that God has opened this week for my parents and the people that where in place to see things through. Thank you to all and to MKE.
I great this day with love in my heart.

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 10”

  1. Hey Michael, sending you lots of love as you work your way through this challenging time with your parents. Getting older is not easy, and it’s hard to see the people you love go through the physical challenges that age can bring. Our family had some of those challenges this past year, so I know a little of what you may be going through. Just try to work in some self-care if you’re able to. Glad that the MKE practices are helping you to push through. Take care!


  2. When I was a MK student in 2014 – I needed the skills I had learned from Sept – November to prepare me for my dad’s final illness and ultimate passing in January. I don’t know how I would have done it without those skills – I saw them show up time after time after time. Blessings to you, Michael.


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