Master Key Experience: Week 7

Mental Diet

This week has been another adventure filled week with advancing my new blueprint. All of the pieces are drilling in my new blueprint. The current challenge of the week with the Mental diet has been prepared for and linked previously with no objections, the law of giving, the law of forgiveness, and scroll 2. While trying to keep negative thoughts out I have found triggers that push the negative thoughts to the surface. Now that I am aware of those triggers I can prepare myself even more to reroute my thinking in those moments. For example, driving is a trigger for my negative thoughts. So to prepare myself, before I get in the car I raise my awareness up an extra notch to shift those negative thoughts away. I also apply the heightened awareness to other triggers. Discovering the negative bias is eye opening over the past few weeks. I am happy for this new awareness and am thrilled to become a more positive person who can redirect and control my thoughts. I have been more at peace than I could have imagined in my previous state of being.

15 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 7”

  1. Michael, I enjoyed your post. I drive about 55 minutes one way to work and know that being in traffic is a difficult task but can be done. Maybe as soon as you have a negative thought, hesitated and say, ‘Bless You’ or ‘I love you.’ Keep up the great work. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  2. Living in the Atlanta metro, I can relate to traffic. I silently serve “I love you” as part of my Mental Diet. I appreciate you linking the law of giving and forgiveness – I’ll take those into traffic with me too.


  3. Great blogs It reminds me my struggle for maintaining positive thoughts in all circumstances. I did it one day and one actions at a time. In my way of actions i only have to have control in my thoughts and this gives me confident and feels good.


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