Master Key Experience: Week Three

The Observer

I have enjoyed my new role as the conscious observer. I have encountered old habits that I wish to change and have found other habits that where programmed into my subconscious without my choice. It has been a very interesting journey. One of my directions in life is better heath. Tuesday at 9:30 as I was driving and I was in automatic mode heading to pick up a burrito with a coke just like I had been doing previously. Yet since I was on alert it occurred to me this was not the habit I wanted to continue and I was able to turn away from my burrito run. That decision felt really good and proves I can remove old habits and replace them with good habits. That moment confirms for me that MKE is working and is the guide that I am so excited to be participating in.

11 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week Three”

  1. Love it when the conscious says to the subconscious … Please, step away from the burrito – or as Nancy said to me this week – step away from the thermonuclear device. It’s celebration time – Yay! #ShineObserverShine


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